Guided Cave Tours

Exciting underground tours to awaken the caver in you


The Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee is densely populated with cave systems. To lend some perspective, Fentress county (where we're located) alone has over five-hundred caves recognized by the Tennessee Cave Survey. That means there may be as much to explore beneath the ground as there is above in our region!

Caving is the ultimate exploring experience and keeps you guessing what’s around the next corner. It’s a great tour for the adventurer at heart.

What to Expect

Meet up with one of our guides at our shop. Take a short drive and enjoy a 20-minute hike to the cave consisting of sloping terrain and open fields. Upon arrival, your adventure begins by climbing a rising bank to the entrance. Spend three to four hours exploring and seeing features such as historic saltpeter mines, plenty of stalactites and stalagmites, and even a dinosaur room! A quick food stop during the exploration of the cave and then a repeat of the hike back out with your tour concluding back at our shop.


$39 per person

$49 per person w/ lunch (call for more details)

Equipment Included

Caving Helmet



Knee Pads (optional)

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