Accessibility is so important in making a process quick and simple. However, if you’ve visited Big South Fork in the past or any of our other surrounding wilderness areas, that’s not exactly a word that comes to mind. And for good reason. Part of the beauty of our parks in America is that you must get off the beaten path in order to experience them to the greatest degree. That’s what makes “adventuring” adventuring. Nonetheless, without a little guidance, just the right amount of ignorance can spell trouble for the day, whether major or minor depends on the circumstance. Getting lost on a trail for thirty minutes is probably not going to wreck your weekend but breaking an ankle due to choosing the wrong line in a rapid might. In situations such as these the importance of experience or insight cannot be overstated, so next time you’re planning a trip to our area, even if not using our services, feel free to reach out to us for any needed information on the best places for safe access. If we don’t know the answer we probably know someone who does. Here’s to making adventuring more accessible while staying injury free in the process.