If you visit the Big South Fork it doesn’t long to realize that modern day smartphones are pretty much useless here from a communication standpoint. Reception quality through all the major cellular providers is almost nonexistent, especially in the depths of the park.

We too have experienced this problem firsthand and wanted to find a solution for our customers to give them the peace of mind and confidence to explore wherever their path may lead while still being able to stay in touch with close contacts. On extended adventure trips, safety is also a concern and happens to be a top priority of ours here at Borderland. We knew the ability to send SOS could be invaluable in emergency circumstances should they arise while out on the trail.

That’s why this year we have decided to offer a Garmin inReach device as an add-on or stand-alone rental product to the services we provide. This satellite communication device has quite the feature count which will be detailed in an upcoming post where the rental unit can be secured for your next adventure trip. Pricing will start at $30 for the 1st day and $10 per day thereafter. For more details or to reserve the unit, give us a call at (931) 310 – 7771.